Moving Vehicles into NZ

Vehicle imports to New Zealand, car removals, shipping by sea or airfreight

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We specialise in importing cars and vehicles into NZ

We move cars, trucks, SUV's, motorbikes, motor-homes, boats, yachts, and virtually all kinds of vehicles.

No hidden costs or surprises!

We will cover all transport costs for your vehicle moving excluding payments due by you to NZ for tax and customs - covered below. You don’t have to worry about hidden surprises or problems when you get here!

Transport options:

  • Roll-on-roll-off
    (vehicle parked alongside other vehicles on a ship deck)
  • Full container load
    (exclusive occupation of a container)
  • Shared containers

Roll-on-roll-off is the usual form of transport and is generally the cheapest, by sea freight only.

Container transport is more expensive but offers:

  • Extra Protection - once the vehicle is loaded into the container it can’t be accessed until it is unpacked by you, avoiding damage or theft.
  • Flexibility - containers are loadable from most major overseas ports and deliverable to most major ports in NZ, but roll-on-roll-off is only available in Auckland.

Shared containers can be used for small vehicles, avoiding the cost of a whole container.

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Regulations, procedures, and costs involved

You need to be aware of the requirements for importing vehicles into New Zealand, including:

  • Taxes and charges
  • Regulations and Restrictions
  • Clearance procedures

Vehicle Imports
Letter of Authority

Further details on these can be found at the NZ customs website